Transport & Logistics

The company is providing ERP Solutions & Services for Transport & Logistics companies in all over Odisha

Our ERP solution is an initiative specifically targeted for Courier, Express, Supply Chain industry across globe. Having developed in close coordination with active industry players, the solutions addresses the most complex issues faced by companies, whether big or small.

Our ERP focused on Simplifying Business for courier, express and supply chain industry for nearly two decades by developing software products and solutions to meet their challenges.

ERP For Transport Companies

Our ERP solution is an integrated solution developed for managing all activities performed on day-to-day basis in a transport company. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application. The system manages all mode of transportation - Full Truck load (FTL), Part load, Railway.The solution is designed to lowers transportation costs, improves customer service and centralized monitoring and control. The solution is a integrated solution which comprise of Transport Management System + GPS based Fleet Tracking & Management + Financial Management + Sales Management.

ERP For Courier & Express Companies

An integrated new generation cargo management solution with features that allow for effective and efficient management of operations.Provides solutions to all major issues which the companies are struggling with - Misplaced/Missing packages, Weight loss, under utilization of routes. Efficient to manage different type of services - Express, Priority, Courier, etc. 3 main products (Pickup Manager, Konnect, Tracer) which can be integrated with any existing ERP solution. Pick any or all and discover how their business starts to benefit almost immediately.

ERP For Logistics Industry

Our ERP is a single system which handles Inventory, route & warehouse management. RACHNA ERP gives certainty to your system, where you always have the accurate and timely data available. The system will help you in taking faster decision and better planning of inventory.